So, a head’s up to all my followers and friends.  I have recently been targeted by someone in the brony fandom who wishes to harass me and assault my character.  He has come under some kind of delusion that every message or anon that says something bad about him is actually me.  Simply because after saying my opinion that I think he is an awful person, someone sent him an anon saying I must be the same person he apparently argued with a while back.  At this point, like, he thinks I have some kind of secret agenda to attack him.  I couldn’t care less about this prick, in fact the only thing I’ve done for the past month is sleep, go to work, play dark souls 2, and see my doctor’s.  And even cutting out everything but sleep and work would be infinitely more interesting to me than anyone or thing in the brony fandom.

However it seems he is incapable of listening to reason, and I have already had to take measures to prepare to file suit for defamation/libel should he continue to make this even worse.

At the moment I am uncomfortable sharing anything personal on this blog, as he, and no doubt several of his friends are stalking it for things to attack me with.  I have no doubt my status as a trans woman will make things worse, and result in them using hate speech to attack me.  I am also uncomfortable re-blogging and commenting on anyone else’s more personal posts as I worry they will attack one of you as well.

I feel like I have no choice but to delete this blog entirely and to create a new one.  It seems to me like that is the only way I can be safe to at least continue using tumblr on a personal level.  I will message as many of you as I can with the new url, but feel free to send me an ask letting me know you’d like to re-follow once I’ve got it up and running.